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How It Works

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  • Cut, Trim, Split video

    You can cut, trim and split video clip for delete unnecessary moments on your video

  • Add audio and music

    Add audio effects or music to your video, use 'fade in' / 'fade out' for audio volume

  • Add voiceover

    Use your microphone to add voiceover to your video

  • Add effects and filters

    Add color effects and filters to your video and photo clips

  • Chroma Key

    Use green screen to change the background on your video or photo

  • Color adjustments

    Use brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, hue, temperature, tint, sharpen, blur and more.

  • Video Blur Background

    Animotica can fit video in your aspect ratio and make blur or colorize video border

  • Transitions

    Use 30+ amazing transitions between clips

  • Video overlay

    Add pictures (PIP) or videos to your video, with animotica you can create video collage

  • Cerate square video for Instagram

    Use 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, 4:5 video aspect ratio for your social media

  • Create slideshow

    Create beautiful slideshow with transitions and background music

  • Create video for Instagram Story or IGTV

    You can use vertical aspect ratio for creating a beautiful video for your Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat Story

  • Add text and stickers

    Add text titles or stickers to your video

  • Rotate video

    You can rotate video to fit any aspect ratio, create a vertical video, and more.

  • Fit, Fill, Move, Scale video frame

    You can rotate, transform video using horizon, scale, offset or flip

  • Slow, Fast motion effect

    Speed up or slow your video using speed settings

  • Ken Burns effect

    Use Ken Burns motion effect for amazing clip animation

  • Animation for Text, Sticker and overlays

    Use Intro and Outro amazing animations for your overlays

  • Blending mode

    Use blending settings for overlays to get amazing video effects

Download for free Get it from Microsoft

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Download for free Get it from Microsoft

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