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How to Rotate Video

What problems can be solved with this guide?

One of the most complicated processes during a video editing session is figuring out how to rotate a video. To prevent the minutes spent for solving this issue, a user may apply Animotica video editor. It offers 2 methods for rotating a video: 
Rotating videos when changing the aspect ratio (for example, when a user needs to transform a horizontal video into the vertical one for Instagram Stories, IGTV or Snapchat).
Rotating the video when saving the aspect ratio (for example, when a user shot the video holding the camera at an angle of 90 degrees or upside down. And this has to be fixed during the video editing).

The step-by-step guide on how to rotate the video in Animotica

  1. Create a new project. Add a video or photo clip.
  2. Choose the Aspect Ratio for your content. Go to Project Settings  Aspect Ratio. Select the required aspect ratio for your video. For example, if you need to edit a video for YouTube, choose 16:9. Or 1:1/9:16 — for Instagram;
  3. To rotate a video, select the clip and click on Transform. On this panel a user can rotate the video by clicking the button Rotate. To scale the video image, use the Fit/Fill or Scale slider. Repeat these steps for each clip.

Important notice: On this panel user can also align the video’s angle and perspective (horizon). For example, if a user needs to fix the video shot at a small angle.