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How to Mute Video or Change Volume?

Muting a video is a common issue for new Animotica users. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out muting audio on the video. There are 2 ways to mute your video project.

The step-by-step guide for muting videos in Animotica

  1. Mute audio or change volume level for a selected video clip. Click on the video clip for edit. You’ll see the settings tabs. Find the tab 'Volume'. Here you may edit the volume level, reduce the level of volume to minimum set to "0" to mute audio. 
  2. Mute audio just for preview mode (in editing mode). Below the section with the video preview find a button with a sound icon. Click on the button to mute and unmute sound in editing mode. (In this case, audio muted only for preview mode, if you want to mute audio in the saved video, please use way 1).