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How to Make a Slow Motion Video

The Animotica app gives a chance to slow down or speed up a separate video clip. For example, users can trim one video to 3 parts (clips), then change the speed of the middle clip — make it slower or faster.
It is great feature for those users who need to speed up the long-lasting video without cutting it down and deleting some scenes. The audio of this video after applying the speed’s changes will slow down or speed up as well. Also, the volume can be muted. 

The step-by-step guide for applying the slow motion to video in Animotica

  1. Click on the clip (Edit) where you need to slow down the speed;
  2. Set the starting position for the effect of slow or faster motion;
  3. You may also click on the Split tab to split the video into parts, for adding different motion for various split parts;
  4. In the menu below click on the tab Speed;
  5. Set the desired speed for this clip. From 0.25x to 4x where 1 is the current speed. Every level less than 1 will slow down the video. Every level above 1 will speed it up;
  6. Pay attention to the button below the speed scale. You can mute the slowed/speeded video if necessary.