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How to Add Fade-in/Fade-out Effect to Video

What problems can be solved with this guide: 

By default the Animotica video editor doesn’t have a separate feature for adding the Fade-in/Fade-out effect. But still users can add the fading effect in the beginning or end of a video clip. Use the features Color Clip and Opacity Transition. 

The step-by-step guide for adding the fade-in/fade-out effect

  1. Create a new project and edit the video clips.
  2. Select the first clip. Click + on its left. Add Color Clip. Choose the color (for example, black). 
  3. Set the Duration for 1s (or longer).
  4. Between the first clip with the applied Color Clip and the next clip, add Opacity Transition. The transition duration must last 1s. The Fade-in effect was added.
  5. Repeat the steps (with slight changes) for the last clip to add the Fade Out effect:

Click + from its right and add Color clip with the white color. Set the Duration for 3s.
Between the last clip and previous clip, add Opacity Transition with the Transition duration of 2s;

Notice: experiment with the Duration’s settings for Color Clip and colors for the fade-in/fade-out effect.