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How to Add Fade-In/Fade-out Effect to Audio

Those users who need to apply the fade-in/fade-out effect to a video can use the features Add Color Clip + Opacity. But for applying this option for audio files, an Animotica user can select a separate feature like Add Fade-in/Add Fade-out effect for audio.

The step-by-step guide for adding fade-in/fade-out effect

  1. Create a new project;
  2. Select an audio clip;
  3. After picking up a clip the user should choose the button Volume;
  4. In this menu, users may choose the starting point for adding the effect;
  5. Also, in this section users can change the total volume for a whole audio clip;
  6. Pay attention to the options Add Fade-In or Add Fade-out;
  7. Duration of the effect may last no more than 3 seconds;

It’s a great option for those Animotica users who intend to add the dramatic effect or a pause in the middle of the clip. Experiment — it’s very easy to use this option for all audio formats.