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How to Add Blur Background to Video

One of the most popular features in Animotica — adding the effect of Blur Background. It is a new trend frequently used for Instagram and YouTube videos. This app allows adding the effect in a very simple way. It’s possible to add the effect of Blur Background to the whole video or to each clip.

The step-by-step guide for adding Blur Background to video in Animotica

  1. Start a new project. In the start menu choose the project’s settings — click on the Square as the Aspect Ratio.
  2. After adding a video or clip to the new project click Edit.
  3. Then click the icon Fit — it must transform into Fill. 
  4. Then select Transform option. Adjust the Scale slider for keeping the central piece smaller or bigger against the blurred background. 
  5. Then go back the main menu of the project. Choose the Project Settings.
  6. Click on Fill/Fit tab. Here you may add different effects for Blur Background (icons looking like water drops). Also you may pick the color for Blur Background. In such way, you are changing the Default settings for Blur Background. 
  7. Again click on the clip. Choose Edit  Background. Here you will be able to apply the blur background with the default settings. You may also Duplicate the video and add different settings for Blur Background.