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How to Animate Text and Overlays?

One of the awesome features in Animotica is adding the animation effect for intro/outro in the Overlays menu. For now users can apply this effect only for overlays.

The step-by-step guide for animating text and overlays in Animotica

  1. Add a new clip or video to the project;
  2. Click on the Overlays Tab right under the video preview;
  3. On the scale choose the duration of the overlay effect;
  4. Click on Add Overlay;
  5. You may add text, stickers or photo/video;
  6. To animate the text choose the Motion tab and the required effect;
  7. Pay attention — you may choose the duration of intro/outro animation. Click on the Settings (located under every effect in the Motion menu). Here you may experiment with adjusting the animation’s duration.