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How to Add Voice-Over to a Video

One of the greatest features for Animotica users — the feature of adding the Voice-Over to videos. It means a user may add his voice recording as a comment right to the video clip in real time. This app gives a simple one-click feature for adding this feature. But keep in mind that a microphone is required. 

The step-by-step guide for adding the voice over to videos

  1. Create a new project. Add a new video;
  2. Go to the Audio menu;
  3. Click to the starting point;
  4. Press the button Voice Over;
  5. In 3 seconds the app will start recording the voice via the mic;
  6. To stop the voice over feature, a user must click the button Stop. The audio recording will be immediately stopped. The added voiceover record will be added for the further editing.