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How to Add Transitions to Your Video

How to Add Transitions to Your Video in Animotica? 

In the Animotica app users can add transitions for every clips of one video project. Or it’s possible to add the same transitions for all clips at once. 

The step-by-step guide for adding transitions to videos

  1. Create a new project with 2 or over video or photo clips;
  2. If a user needs to add a transition between 2 clips, he or she only needs to click on the square icon between 2 clips. 
  3. Add the transition effect (don’t forget about selecting the duration);

In a case, a user needs to add the same transition effect between all clips. For example, when creating a slideshow, he or she should go to the Settings. In the "Project Settings" menu, it’s easy to find the button "Transition". It adds the same Transition effect for all clips (by default). All is left to do is to select the animation for the effect.