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How to Add Text, Stickers and Overlay to Your Video?

It’s very simple to add text, stickers or photo/video to your Animotica video. Just use the options from the Overlay menu. Pay attention — you may add PIV (Picture In Video) and VIV (Video In Video) files. 

The step-by-step guide for animating text and overlays in Animotica

  1. Add a new clip or video to the project;
  2. Click on the Overlays Tab right under the video preview;
  3. On the scale choose the start point and the duration of an overlay effect;
  4. Click on Add Overlay;
  5. You may add text, stickers or photo/video. Don’t forget to set the start position in your clip or video where you need to add text, stickers or PIV/VIV;
  6. If you add text, there are many settings to adjust. Just click Edit the Text. You can split the text, change the font, font color, edit the text (write and rewrite), add a motion effect, shadow, opacity and blending. You may also change the text location on the video (Location tab), experiment with changing the scale and rotation.