To create or edit the first video using Animotica you don't need special skills. If you have a question most likely you will find an answering bellow.


  • What’s Animotica?

    Animotica is the go-to movie maker for Windows 10. Edit, cut, trim and add effects to your videos, photos, and presentations for social media, YouTube, work, and life in a snap.  

  • What’s your edge?

    Not to brag, but Animotica is among the top video editing apps on the Microsoft Store for a reason – crafting unforgettable content with us is just that easy. Drag, drop, cut, and ad flair – all in but several clicks of your mouse.

  • Who should use our editing software?

    It’s never about “should” with us. We’ve made Animotica with the intention of making professional video editing simple, engaging and intuitive. Our product is literally for everyone looking to make an awesome video from a professional photographer, to an aspiring YouTuber, to a mom willing to make an amazing prom video for her kids without investing an entire fortune.

  • What I can and can’t do with Animotica?

    Let’s start with what you can do:

    • Create visually stunning content

    • Edit the ratio of the video to fit your favored social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

    • Add and edit clips at will

    • Split and trim clips and videos

    • Adjust the color and lighting of the video

    • Add effects, stickers, and transitions between the clips

    • Add titles and text to your videos

    • Add background music and voice overs to your photos and videos

    • Create professional, sharp, crisp video content

    As for what you can’t do:

    • You can’t make a baby seal sad

    • You won’t have the option to undo season 8 of Game of Thrones. You could edit your own version though…

    • You will not be able to conquer the world (Although that one’s uncertain. We haven’t thoroughly tested the possibilities. Yet.)


  • Where can I find my saved video?

    By default Animotica store all video files, with extension '*.mp4', in next folder : **C:\Users\{your PC name}\Videos\Animotica**

  • How to turn off motion/zooming in effect on photos?

    If you want to turn off photo motion effect (Ken Burns) for all your clips, go to ‘Project Settings’ -> click on ‘Photo’ tab -> switch off ‘Use photo motion effect’ switcher.
    Also, you can do it for each photo/clip separately, select your photo clip to edit -> click on ‘Motion’ tab  ->  switch off ‘Motion Effect’ switcher.

Fix a problem

  • Rendering stops at XX%, how to finish rendering?

    If your rendering process stops at XX% it means that you do not have enough RAM memory on your PC in most cases, please try to close not used apps and free RAM memory on your PC.

    If you have a rendering process 0-100% long time, please close the program, check free space on your disk, re-start PC, open app and try again, sometimes it helps;

  • I can't save my video project, how to fix?

    Please use this tips on how you can try to solve the current problem.

    1. Update Windows to the latest version:
      • Launch the Settings App;
      • Select Update & Security;
      • Press the Check for Updates button;
      • Install any outstanding updates and restart your machine;
      • Repeat this process until the message “Your computer is Up to date is displayed.
    2. Move all your videos and photos for a project to next folder: **C:\Users\{your PC name}\Videos\** or **C:\Users\{your PC name}\Pictures\**;
    3. If you have an error it can be a problem with some your clips, can you please find problem clip in your project and replace or delete them, if you find them, please provide me the video or photo to analyze if it possible;
    4. Please try to save video project using different combinations of switchers 'CPU render' and 'Hardware Transform' and 'Accelerate Rendering' on 'Save dialog';
    5. Please try to save a video in different resolutions and different video aspect ratio;
    6. If you have a rendering process 100% long time, please close the program, check free space on your disk, re-start PC, open app and try again, sometimes it helps;
    7. Please try to use 'Save' not 'Save As' button;
    8. If you have overlays, please delete them and try to save video without overlays;
    9. In during rendering process please do not close or minimize window of Animotica.
  • I paid for Pro version but still has a watermark on video, how to fix it?

    If you have paid version but still see watermark does it mean that you need to clear Windows Store cache or Update your PC, please follow the instruction below on how to fix it.

    1. Re-Install application:
      1. Uninstall application;
      2. Sign out from Windows Store;
      3. Sign in to Windows Store again using your live id;
      4. Reboot PC;
      5. Install application again.
    2. Update Windows:
      1. Launch the Settings App;
      2. Select Update & Security;
      3. Press the Check for Updates button;
      4. Install any outstanding updates and restart your machine;
      5. Repeat this process until the message “Your computer is Up to date" is displayed.
    3. Restart Microsoft Store:
      1. Try a simple restart of Windows first. Go to “Start” > “Power” > “Restart“;
      2. Try logging into your Microsoft account again;
      3. Open the “Store” app, then right-click or tap and hold anywhere on the screen;
      4. Select the “Your Account” option;
      5. Select “Change user“;
      6. Type your Microsoft account credentials, then select “Save“.
    4. Reset the Microsoft Store Cache:
      1. Select Start;
      2. Search “wsreset“;
      3. Run the “wsreset” command;
      4. The Store app will then open where you can see if you can download your apps again. More info see the link: http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-clear-reset-windows-store-cache-in-windows-10/

    If this steps did not help you, please contact developer.

Price and payments

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